Kristen & Matt – Married

Matt came home on leave to marry his high school sweetheart Kristen. It was a beautiful day and love filled the air. So happy for this young couple. (click on photo for a larger view)

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Melissa & Scott – Engaged

Melissa and Scott took us around their BEAUTIFUL family property to shoot engagement photos. Every spot was more amazing than the next and we had a great time with these two. Can’t wait for the wedding in August!

IMG_6922 IMG_8601 IMG_8535 IMG_8518 IMG_8384 IMG_8342 IMG_8308 IMG_8295 IMG_8202 IMG_8107 IMG_8002 IMG_7955


Claire & Adam – Sneak Peek

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Claire & Adam – Engaged

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Callyn & Vince – Wedding Sneak Peek

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Jess & Chris – Wedding Sneak Peek

Jess & Chris were married at Hilltop in Spring Green on the Hill under the Catalpa tree. It had rained early in the day but the skies cleared for a beautiful ceremony and dinner. It was such a relaxed, laid-back day and you could feel the love in the air. Thanks for letting Caitlin and I share in your magical day.     (click on photos for a larger view)




Mary & Randy: Wedding Sneak Peek

A perfect day for the first of September. An awesome party, beautiful sunset, and a visit from Bucky! Thanks Mary and Randy for letting Caitlin and I share in your special day. We had a blast.


Andrea & Lance: Wedding Sneak Peek

Caitlin and I did our first destination wedding . . . to Lincoln, Nebraska. We had a so much fun with Andrea and Lance. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.


Heather & Jesse: Wedding Sneak Peek

Congratulations Heather & Jesse. Your wedding was beautiful and your celebration was so much fun. Thanks for allowing Caitlin and I to share in your day. (click pic for larger view)